The technology employed by KND

is nothing new, but it is unique to the production tooling industry.

The use of 5-axis robots allows for the machining of large complex shapes. The degrees of freedom realized by the robots are shown above. The 5th axis is limited only by the length of the track the robot rides on and is currently (8 meters). This permits the production of long patterns such as aircraft wing sections, boat hulls, and anything else requiring an envelope this size.


KND utilizes a 5-axis robotic CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining system to mill patterns (plugs) and molds.

A typical manufacturing process is as follows:

  • Receipt of Customer approved computer design files.
  • Construction of support structure.
  • Attachment of polyurethane foam blocks to support structure.
  • Robot rough cut of foam which undercuts the final form.
  • Hand-laid fiberglass shell to provide a rigid, stable base for the polyester resin.
  • Application of machinable polyester resin.
  • Machining of polyester resin.
  • Finishing of final surface.