About Us

Founded in 1984 by Kobus Potgieter

The company’s prime focus was to become a world-class naval research and development facility, both locally and internationally. This objective, already achieved, continues to be our driving force.

KND brings the power and diversity of 21st-century information technology and delivery to our clients. Our professional services are designed to help you concretize your concept through to certification, promptly… with minimal risk.

Our holistic approach includes the full scope of addressing our client’s requirements, both current and future.

Assessing our client’s needs;
Evaluating climate, operational conditions, and specific circumstances;
Calculating targeted applications such as dynamics vs. costs;
Evaluating with our clients the ‘like-to-have’ versus the ‘reality’ features;
Conceptualising out-of-the-box solutions;

Agreeing the written brief with our clients, incorporating all relevant factors, for example:

  • performance predictions and economical data;
  • Incorporating international regulations (ISO, ABS, and SOLAS);
  • Implementing design stages – from preliminary through to final certification; and,
  • Utilizing state of the art Robotics.

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