MJP Waterjets

MJP Marine Jet Power AB is a world leading supplier of water jet propulsion systems suitable for ships from approximately 15 meters of length and powers from 500 kW.

The MJP System generates more thrust from installed power leading to higher ship speed and better acceleration as well as lower fuel consumption. The product is very strong, made of duplex stainless steel and is used in shallow and dirty waters without compromising the product or vessel. The steering and reversing units offer very good manoeuvring at high and low ship speeds. Through several patents and design solutions a unique product has been created targeting low operational costs and easy maintenance and service.

KND is the Africa distributor and sell to shipbuilders producing

  • High speed ferries
  • Coast Guard, Customs and Navies
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Special applications

Among the many MJP customers around the world we find several Coast Guards, Yacht Builders and Commercial Operators. MJP is represented all over the world through our network of Sales and Service Agents who together with MJP Organization interacts with our customers to find the best possible solution already in the tender phase of the project and throughout the life cycle of the vessel including local service possibilities.

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