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3D printing/prototyping is a fast and cost effective form of rapid prototyping.

Utilizing technology based upon common inkjet desktop printers, it is now possible to produce superior quality, durable physical models from 3D digital data.

Models are of exceptional surface finish and detail, and can be built to extraordinary complex patterns. Perfect for applications like product design development, functional testing, metal casting and presentation models.


3D Modeling 2D to 3D conversion: Send us your Top, Front and Side views and we will convert your drawings into 3D format ready for 3D printing!

File Preparation for 3D Printing: We can also prepare your existing 3D CAD files for 3D printing. We can fix STLs, assemble parts and improve the resolution of your 3D model.

3D Design for 3D Printing: KND also 3D Design and build rapid prototyping components to your requirements. Give us a sketch and we'll give you a 3D model!

We offer a professional, accurate and inexpensive design service prepared and returned in shortest period of time possible.

A typical manufacturing process is as follows:
1.    Receipt of Customer approved computer design files.
2.    Construction of support structure.
3.    Attachment of polyurethane foam blocks to support structure.
4.    Robot rough cut of foam which undercuts the final form.
5.    Hand-laid fiberglass shell to provide a rigid, stable base for the polyester resin.
6.    Application of machinable polyester resin.
7.    Machining of polyester resin.
8.    Finishing of final surface.